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The Truth About Survival and Survival Skills

There is more nonsense on the web, on TV, in forums, and in books about survival, survival skills, shooting skills, and wilderness living than anything else that I know of. Every hunter, fisherman, ex-military man, and wannabe expert believes that they have the skill and knowledge to survive anywhere at any time. This fantasy is probably Survival Cooking wwwsurvivaledu.comuniquely American like so many other fantasies these people believe they are Rambo. They watch outdoor shows on TV and believe that these represent real-life situations. The ones I like the most are the hunting shows on private lands and game preserves while they're filming this 14 point Buck just happens to mosey by and they shoot it. They then assume they are the great white hunter. I know people who have been on these so-called game farms and they tell me the deer are so dumb that they don't even move away when the camera crew comes in.

The same is true of fishing shows. These guys take two weeks to get 20 minutes of footage. The guy watching at home thinks this is how it's done. Some of these guys couldn't catch fish in a hatchery. But this is in the psyche of the average guy who thinks he is a survivalist. They think they will be able to survive in case of a natural or national emergency from what they know. The sad part is they may be endangering themselves, their family, and other people with their limited understanding of what they actually can do in the wilderness or an emergency situation.

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After the Battle of the Little Big Horn the US government went after the Indians.  Many of these Indians tried to go north to the colder areas of tSurvival Soldier www.survivaledu.comhe country and in Canada. After a few years most of them were unable to survive. They either died or turned themselves into the US government. Now if these people who lived in the wilderness could not make it in colder climates with much more lore and outdoor skill than you have--- what makes you think you can! I hear hunters tell me how great a shot they are and how they could fend off people and survive against any force. These people are idiots. First of all, if a military sniper is after you will never see him. He will shoot you and be gone. Second, your hunting rifle is not made for a firefight. The steel in most barrels is very soft. That's why even when shooting your gun in, once the barrel heats up the accuracy diminishes greatly. Yet these guys believe they can beat a military style force against them.

Do they understand they won't be the only ones in the woods trying to hunt to survive? I know ex snipers and ex-special forces guys, ex-Navy SEALs, and even people who have lived in the wilderness most of their lives and they have a hard time and would have a hard time surviving especially in colder climates. So when you hear these people talk on TV or write this nonsense on their websites and books take everything with a grain of salt because these people are nothing more than mental masturbators.

I have put together a very large library of military manuals, courses, gun manuals, martial arts and books which will allow you to at least get a good understanding of what it takes mentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually to begin to survive. I will not lie to you and tell you that you will now be Rambo after reading this stuff. But it is a fantastic library and a good beginning. Are all the military manuals pertinent? No, but most are. Furthermore, there are many manuals which show the military protocols and how they will work toward an emergency situation including chain of command and deployment. This may help you greatly in case you have to leave the area. Just remember what occurred in Katrina and if some of these people had that knowledge perhaps they would still be alive. You cannot find all these manuals online anymore. Because the government felt that they might fall into the hands of terrorists. So they were removed from military websites. The sniper manuals in particular and the combat manuals are particularly scary for people who wish to train in these disciplines.

The gun manuals alone are worth a fortune since most places charge from 5 to 20 military manuals from wwwsurvivaledu.combucks for reproduction of the original manual. These manuals cover most of the guns made especially just about anything you may have. How to clean the gun, and how to take it apart and repair it. There are hundreds of other types of books including CIA documents. They will tell you things about your government you may not want to know.

This website will focus on a variety of types of information that will allow you to get the best chance of surviving an emergency, natural disaster, or even a national disaster. The books are not meant to scare you. Some of them make interesting reading just for reading material. Others including the ones on first aid such as bandaging are still the best books out there which is the opinion of many medical experts.

Many of the books show you how the government works in certain situations including emergencies, and disasters. If you know such things it will definitely give you an advantage in staying out of the way, out of trouble, and information enough perhaps to protect yourself and your family. Please sign up for our newsletters and journals on survival. You will not find this information anywhere else.


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